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Y2D297 and bracing

I finally walked down around the shopping precinct during a break in the weather. There are some dangerous shops there, but it is still nice at the end, where the square meets the jetty, and the locals are enjoying the bracing weather.


Y2D280 and morning glory

My baby had her first service today so I spent a pleasant couple of hours by the Geelong waterfront, enjoying the glorious winter sunshine and sketching all that I could see,  such as the playful little pied cormorants and the bobbing yachts. It was almost a shame to have to collect my car again…almost, but not quite.


Y2D271 and road trip

Today I drove over to Adelaide via Mt Gambier and the ocean route. The weather was mostly terrible but it did afford some amazing views along the Coorong. Plus there was a brief respite at Meningie where I saw this egret enjoying a stroll through the reeds in the late afternoon sun, while I stretched my legs from all that driving.


Y2D266 and here chookies

Everyone seems to have chickens at the moment and I’m so jealous. Besides all the eggs and being a mobile composter, they are just so much fun to watch. I wish I could some in Adelaide but all the rented properties say no pets….


Y2D262 and sitting pretty

I probably have mentioned that we have a few birds in our vicinity, including a couple of species of parrots. Not as many as I saw driving through the forests by Mt Gambier mind you, but still a few pretty ones like this Eastern Rosella we saw the other day on our bird feeder. Luckily all the local flora and fauna give me something to draw, that no doubt you will all be seeing much on.


Y2D258 and blurry wrens

I walked along the beach side track to the surf club and back today. On the way the little native fairy wrens were out and about: in the grasses, under the bushes, on the fence and creating a blur bathing in the puddles along the way. They are so cute but ever so fleeting; they certainly don’t like to pose.


Y2D248 and feathered friends

They are always on the beach, playing in the tide and searching for tidbits.


Y2D226 and free willies

Sorry, the title had to be done. I am of course referring to the passerines native to Australia. Willie Wagtails are cute little monochromatic birds that hop and dance around the garden, and are generally a happy little sight.


There are quite a few birds in our and the surrounding backyards including magpies, mudlarks, currawongs, kookaburras, honeyeaters, mynas and noisy miners. I really need to get myself a new bird book.

Y2D200 and a Good Friday

Yesterday we saw a couple of eagle’s nests on our tour of Vancouver, but was a little mystified as to why they would set up residence in a city. Apparently it so they can sit on the light posts and pose for tourists when the sun comes out, as it did today (Friday). This was no ordinary posing either – this bird was there for at least half an hour, turning this way and that, showing off his (or her) best side. Though I had great difficulty in making my drawings look like an eagle, and not the lovechild of a parrot and an owl.
All in all, Vancouver in the rain is charming enough, but when the sun comes out it is quite lovely – what a good Friday for touristing. But be warned,  I could very easily live here….

Y2D150 and feeding time

It must be spring, the blue tits have decided that the dog roses are the best feeding ground ever and are having a grand old time.


And I’ve been rather slack on the old posting….

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