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Y2D301 and study break

Today has been all about preparation for tomorrow’s class, which is on Australian Indigenous Art. This is something I naught about, so will be a steep learning curve. At the moment I am taking a break from all the readers to sketch one of the landscape photos from a textbook. It’s all relevant….


Y2D239 and magazines

The good thing about moving countries is that you get a whole new set of magazines to investigate. I picked up an Art Guide in the local newsagent and have been flipping through. There are lots of interesting exhibitions on around the country. I could draw art from them individually but why do that when I can put all my favourite bits on one page?


Y2D198 and new galleries

Now I’m in Vancouver for a few days, there are a whole host of (public and commercial) galleries to explore. This afternoon I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Lawren Harris exhibition and the Bill Reid Gallery just down the road for a bit of First Nation inspiration. Not so much drawing in my newest sketchbook today as dissecting the artworks on display. Tomorrow I fully intend to abuse the galleries on Granville Island, I just hope the weather dries up.


Y2D194 and running about

I only had today in Toronto for sightseeing, and whilst I left the hotel early-ish, it didn’t seem like nearly enough time. I clambered aboard the “hop on, hop off” bus for a tour of the city, with gorgeous Thomas providing the commentary, and planned on visiting just two galleries. First stop was the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), where I saw the temporary exhibition (Henry Moore and Francis Bacon), sketched in the permanent Henry Moore plaster cast gallery, then lusted after the paintings in the 19th/20th Century Canadian art rooms. I liked this section immensely; there are so many beautiful, expressive paintings here. However, I only gave myself two hours in the AGO, which was not nearly long enough, as I wanted to allow time for the second gallery. As it turned out, the second one (Museum of Inuit Art or MIA) is rather compact, so I could have allowed another hour. Who knew? Still, now I have something else to go back for. This is a quick sketch of a couple of sculptural pieces from MIA.

After the gallery, I walked around the harbour front and then back to the hotel to read my book and drink whisky in the Library Bar. The Canadian train, left Toronto at 22:00, so after a little welcome cocktail party, I am now tucked up in my bed typing this out for when I next get access to the internet.

Y2D22 and documentaries

I’ve been trying to watch “Art of Australia” on the BBC, but keep getting distracted, then have to repeat the section. Oh dear, I am going to have to watch them all again from scratch.


Day 222 and icons

As a part of of my clean up drive I have been sorting through the artworks on my walls and came across this little icon, brought back from my last trip to Greece. I’m not particularly religious but appreciate that it is responsible for some of the most beautiful art and architecture created. In particular, I have a soft spot for Greek Orthodox churches and their icons. They are so graphic and bright, all those vivid colours and gold can only be a good thing. It’s interesting (to me) that whilst they do look a little like paint-by-numbers, after you have seen a master artisan at work, you realise that there is a lot more skill than the simplified imagery suggests. Like young Catherine here, who watches over me in my kitchen.


Day 208 and new toys

I bought some Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 last week and have only just managed to try them out. A few pages in the sketchbook using old photos as inspiration. I wanted to use them as Sir Quentin Blake used them on some pieces in the recent exhibition I saw. I am no where near as fluid as the great man, but they are fun to use. Plus, if you draw over them with a Pitt Artist Pen whilst still wet, the pen has some interesting lines. I need a pen that bleeds more though…


Day 159 and affordable art

Today was a big day for me. After meeting SIL at work, I dropped off one of my paintings for this year’s RA summer exhibition at the framer’s before going to meet Esteemed Sibling at Victoria and then dragging him to the Affordable Art Fair (, which would not be his first choice of afternoon’s entertainment. Smiles all round; it was a resounding success with everyone finding art they would like to (but did not actually) buy. There were my usual favourites as well as some new ones, though I am trying to steer away from landscapes and sea motifs without much success.

I managed a little sketching at our late “lunch”, mostly head shots, plus a little more at dinner and on the bus home. Now I am utterly exhausted…


Day 153 and doorways

Up early today to catch a train to Cambridge. I wanted to see the Quentin Blake exhibit at the Fitzwilliam Museum ( before it closed. Besides, I haven’t been to Cambridge so I’m always up to going somewhere new. The Fitzwilliam Museum is a lovely place, excellent collection of artworks that I really only briefly explored. There are many wonderful painting and prints, and the temporary exhibits were interesting. I found the pieces in the contemporary Chinese ceramics and beautiful and fascinating as Sir Quentin’s illustrations.

I followed the visit to the museum with a bit of art shopping at a treasure trove of a store called Primavera. Four ceramic pieces and a pair of silver/bronze earrings later I was spent, both in terms of cash, time and energy. This was the last thing I drew today, which in the museum, taking a ten minute breather before going out. I do like a doorway.


Day 100 and centenary

Thank you to all my followers who have made it to Day 100 in my drawing journey.

As it was a stinking hot day in Sydney (high of 43C), I escaped most of it by drawing in the Art Gallery of NSW (, which has a lovely public collection. I didn’t go to the Bacon exhibition, but did wander around the Dobell Prize for Drawing 2012 that had some amazing pieces, such as Kevin Malloy’s “Study IX: Typewriter”, Tim Allen’s “Folded and Faulted Sediment”, Rita Lazauskas’ “View from the Ramparts #5” and Godwin Bradbeer’s “Imago – Point Blank”.

I filled eight pages of my sketchbook with recollections of my favourite (Australian) pieces. This is a detail from the beautiful painting, “A Summer Morning” by Rupert Bunny.


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