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Y2D175 and Milano

So here is an v.early morning street scene sketch of Milan, while I was waiting for my cousin and her friend to travel up from their university accommodation on the tram. We all went to Torino by train today. It was absolutely beautiful sunny weather but unfortunately all the museums were closed. Not to matter, we walked around the city admiring the architecture and trying the chocolate shops. Now I am v.tired and rather burnt! Back to London tomorrow….


Day 243 and last chance

Not long before reality strikes again, so this may be one of my last chances to draw the view of the town, and attempt some architecture. I was going to visit the Tate tonight, but my feet were sore after standing at an easel all day and I did not feel like hanging around. I might pop in again on Sunday morning. But for now some cottages and foliage…


Day 242 and chimneys

I did a few pages before class today, just sitting in the minute Norway Square and sketching the rooflines. This was one particularly quaint fisherman’s cottage-turned-holiday rental with a rather tall chimney, by far the largest on the square, with obligatory palm tree.


Course is going frustratingly slow, I am not very good at “letting go” so my tutor has an uphill battle with me. But more on that on the other blog.

Day 133 and details

I spent the day tidying the house (of sorts) for my impending visitor…they are only family so it doesn’t have to be that tidy. Anyway, that means no real time for drawing so I have quickly scribbled a few pages based on some old photos. This is from a photo of roof details down Bournemouth way from 2007 (the photo, not the drawing).


Day 62 and rear windows

…and front doors and rooflines, all views from a train window on my way into London this afternoon. Maybe getting slightly better at this architecture stuff but still need loads more practice.


Day 53 and window shopping

A few pages on the bus today, of windows on the route home, as there is such a variety and you all know I need the practice in architectural drawing. I could only do them when the bus was at a stop though, as that was when I had enough time to get a decent impression.

Day 14 and tourists

Today was sunny but cold, and what better to do on such an autumnal day than go to Greenwich and observe the tourists. They were certainly out in force this afternoon. Too crowded for me, so best to sit in a coffee shop, where I can draw their antics from a safe distance.

Anyway, I was in Greenwich not just for people watching/sketching, but also to meet a friend and help her on a project, so I only managed some sketching in B pencil before and after our meeting. I did this one waiting for the bus ride home. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this took me 15 mins to complete!  What did I say about straight lines? I did mention architecture was not my strong point…and it’s meant to be the clock tower near Greenwich  train station, in case you were having trouble figuring it out.


Day 11 and disappointment

I was ready to throw in the towel today. Was this it? Could I only make it 11 days and be defeated by [insert preferred profanity here] architecture? I desperately wanted to give up this afternoon. After all, why bother when I cannot draw a building to save my life. Trust me, those pages in my sketchbook will be seen by no-one. EVER.

Have a conker husk/chestnut leaf instead:

It’s executed in four colours of Tombow ABT pens. Not that its that good a husk/leaf but its a huge improvement on my river scene. Tomorrow may be back to people.

Day 9 and boats

Today I walked to and from work via Limehouse Basin. I have to go out of my way to do this but apparently the exercise is good for me. At least it was dry today and the walk is pleasant, following the marina walk to the Limehouse Cut canal entrance and then cutting across to walk along the Thames river path the rest of the way. I may have mentioned previously that there are many sketching opportunities on this route, so I availed myself of a couple on the way back from work this afternoon. It was bliss sketching the water, with not a soul to bother me, and I got to try out my travel sized Conté pastels I bought on Saturday.

However, I am rather rubbish at drawing boats. I will put this in context…I am slightly less rubbish at drawing boats than I am at drawing architecture. I cannot draw a straight line. You’d think that this should not be a problem drawing boats, until you realise how many straight lines are on boats. There are a lot. I did kinda know this from my week in St Ives last year, where it took me the whole week of drawing the same boat ’till I was relatively happy with it. Looks like I will be drawing this marina a lot too….

Today’s offering is a couple of boats (slightly better than the architectural view preceding them in my sketchbook). The one on the right is a narrow boat, the left is I think is a windjammer, but I am not sure. Any one recognise it (either as a boat or its type)?

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