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Y2D287 and followed

I’m being stalked by cold weather. I left England to escape the cold but apparently it has followed me here to Adelaide. My new place is particularly chilly at the moment as it is completely empty, so I am shivering under all my new linen on the “luxury” blow up mattress. My real bed gets delivered tomorrow (Wednesday) along with all my shipped belongings. Then it is the long arduous chore of unpacking and finding a “spot” for everything.



Y2D286 and made it

*phew*, have made it to Adelaide and picked up the keys to my new house. It was a pretty long drive, leaving at 07:00 Victorian time and arriving 15:00 South Australian time. I stopped off at Mt Gambier, then again at Keith and Talem Bend for sketching breaks. This one is v.quick sketch of the bend in the Murray River.


Y2D277 and mix ups

Oh dear, it looks like I forgot to post the 1st July’s sketch. This is what happens when you don’t keep on top of things, so technically this image is Day 274 but post-wise it is going to be Day 277. Confused? I am.


Anyway, this is from a walk around the gardens along South Terrace in Adelaide. It is very leafy there so rather pleasant to stroll when it’s not raining. Now I think that should bring us all up to date, don’t you?

Y2D275 and sunshine resumes

Methinks the worst of the bad weather has gone, as sunshine was the order of the day today. Adelaide looks very pretty when it is sunny, especially when you see the dappled light on the columns of the Art Gallery mirroring the light on the beautiful gum trees outside. Of course I had to stop and draw it.


I went back to the gallery today to spent some time in the two temporary exhibitions that are currently being displayed: ‘Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces’ and ‘The World of Mortimer Menpes’. They were very well presented, with much to see, though I admit my preference is for the modernism of Dorrit Black’s work even though I am a printmaker at heart (sorry Mortimer!). I did amuse myself by reading the titles/descriptions and seeing how I inadvertently followed in the footsteps of artists, but to be honest, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…

Y2D274 and exploration

I had a spare hour between flat hunting and seeing my new professor, so I spent it at the Art Gallery of South Australia, which is next to my new university. I will be spending an immense amount of time here over the coming years, so I took my time to explore some rooms and study a few paintings. Though I was very surprised to hear that not many people ask about the sketching policy. Who doesn’t like sketching in a gallery?


Y2D273 and check lists

So I achieved a couple of things off the “move to Adelaide” list, though I still haven’t sorted the accommodation. I have about five properties to see, so hopefully one will be suitable and I get it.


This line drawing means absolutely nothing other than I haven’t done one for a while and I felt like a change. In case you were wondering.

Y2D272 and loose ends

I was at a bit of a loose end today, with estate agents not being open on a Sunday (prime house shopping day methinks) so I drove around Adelaide to get use to the city layout and sorted out a new phone. You may have noticed that I’m using that to upload the pics at the moment, but I will need to invest in a new printer/scanner once the house is sorted.


Y2D271 and road trip

Today I drove over to Adelaide via Mt Gambier and the ocean route. The weather was mostly terrible but it did afford some amazing views along the Coorong. Plus there was a brief respite at Meningie where I saw this egret enjoying a stroll through the reeds in the late afternoon sun, while I stretched my legs from all that driving.


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