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Month: May, 2014

Y2D242 and rushing

This is a quick sketch of Peppi as I’ve been painting all day (the shed, not anything exciting) and there will be visitors tonight so no time to do anything later. For someone who is still a lady of leisure, I seem to be rushing about a lot.



Y2D241 and surf club

I’ve been walking longer  each time I go out on the beach. Now I am down past the surf club and back.That is about 8 markers each way so a little over an hour’s walk. There are always a few out and about when I am there, particularly around the club, where the surfers and paddle boarders like to play.


Y2D240 and available resources

I don’t sketch throughout the day as much as I ought to, so I have to use all available resources late at night. Luckily for me, I have a sleepy model ready to pose at any time.


Y2D239 and magazines

The good thing about moving countries is that you get a whole new set of magazines to investigate. I picked up an Art Guide in the local newsagent and have been flipping through. There are lots of interesting exhibitions on around the country. I could draw art from them individually but why do that when I can put all my favourite bits on one page?


Y2D238 and running amok

I was playing around with negative space last night, and with my ink water pens. The red and purple are fine, but the black is a little too free and tends to run a lot…all over the place…especially where I don’t want it to go. Oops.


Y2D237 and footy run

Sunday is sports day and we went to see my nephews play in their respective AFL matches. It was a good excuse to be in the fresh air, eat pies and catch up with family. It is also an hour and a half away, so plenty of driving through rural Victoria and watching the countryside go past.


Y2D236 and wet feet

But wet feet in a good way,  I went for a walk along the beach in the morning sun and was enjoying the outgoing tide. There were quite a few people about, walking their dogs or generally having fun on the beach. There was a lot of seaweed floating in the outgoing tide, so I used my rubbish Samsung to get a few snaps for colour and shape purposes.


Y2D235 and new nights out

Did I mention that I treated the folks to a evening of wine and food at the new(ish) wine bar in Point Lonsdale? It’s a lovely place called “Noble Rot” and we had a great time, though next time I would like not to be the designated driver so I get to sample more of the delicious beverages. Chances are we will be going there again.


Y2D234 and tidal views

Today we walked from the surf club along the tracks to Barwon Heads to have a coffee in the kiosk. It’s a lovely and easy walk, and we did detour along the beach for a little while. Once at the kiosk, I sat at the top by the jetty and sketched the boats and view of Ocean Grove stretching down the coast. Then on the way back I attempted to draw some of the surfers that were out catching waves on the incoming tide. It was a lovely afternoon.


Y2D233 and community gardens

We spent the afternoon in the nearby town of Point Lonsdale, checking out the shops, walking along the waterfront, having coffee and generally mooching about. We also spotted this cute little community garden, that was a such a tranquil little spot, including this funny scarecrow.


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