Y2D208 and flat batteries

by Sketchy on the Detail

I’m writing this on Sunday morning (where I should be getting ready and going to breakfast) as I was just too pooped to do this last night. I left my cruise friends early (about 21:30) and came back to my room, had a bath and then fell asleep on the bed, laptop on and TV blaring.

Anyhow, yesterday I went to the Honolulu Museum of Art, a gallery established by Anna Rice Cooke as an institution to showcase and nurture artistic identity on the islands, it has a large and well represented collection. There are also several temporary exhibition (my favourite being the ‘Remaining Remnants’ in the textile gallery), and plenty of opportunities to sketch (“Yes, of course you can sketch in the museum”). All in all, a very easy and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.


Now, I have a couple more days in Waikiki to go before I fly onto Melbourne and need to get my new life sorted out – let’s hope the batteries last until then. It’s raining at the moment, so that may curb my sightseeing inclinations and may encourage restful vacation…but not likely.