Y2D108 and theories

by Sketchy on the Detail

I popped into Somerset House after work today to see the Stanley Spencer murals on loan from the Sandham Memorial Chapel that is run by the National Trust. There is a little display showing a bit of the history, then you go into another room to see sixteen works. I wanted to try sketching once of the pieces but (1) they were by far too complex and (2) the room was by far too crowded, so I just sat down and looked at the scenes from WWI. And the more I looked the more I noticed things, like the arched pieces all have a cross in them, and the rectangular ones underneath echoed stories from the bible. It’s only a theory, who knows if it is correct.


After Somerset House, I moseyed onto the National Portrait Gallery for yet more sketching until my friend arrived. We tried a new (to us) Pakistani restaurant around the corner called Salt n Pepper. The food was delicious, and as my friend is both gluten-free and dairy allergies, any new restaurant we can try is a find.