Y2D103 and queues

I finally made it to the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the “An American in London: Whistler and the Thames” on its penultimate day. As it was a lovely sunny day, I walked from East Dulwich to the gallery through the Park, only to have to queue, very orderly, for a quite a while to see the exhibition. Luckily the gallery is long and thin, so you can see the pictures as you slowly progress to the exhibition entrance, though the real gems are hidden away in the side rooms. Like this small painting by Jacob van Ruisdael “Landscape with Windmills, near Haarlem”. Apparently Constable liked it so much, he tried to do one too.


The  exhibition itself was very good, there were masses of prints of various types, which I love, plus several paintings, all created with a light touch. Would love to know how he manage such harmonious pastel colours.