Y2D91 and found

by Sketchy on the Detail

I’m a little poorly, got too cold on yesterday’s mammoth walk and had a subsequent temperature last night, so decided to meet my friend in the National Gallery today and hand him the ice-skating tickets we were going to do together but is now not very wise for me to do (as said ice-skating is outdoors and at night and, well, on ice). Long story short,  I hid in my favourite room (Room 21, Dutch painters) hoping it had the least amount of tourists being the furthermost room in the building (no such luck). I had my trusty non-waterproof pen, and water-pen with me but only had time to get the pen bits down on paper before my friend found me. So washes happened once I was home. Probably just as well, as I suspect the room steward may have frowned upon the use of water-pens in the gallery.


This is a skewed view of a painting by Hendrick Dubbels’ elegantly titled artwork “A Dutch Yacht and Other Vessels Becalmed near the Shore” (1660-1670).