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Y2D70 and more practice

What to draw today? Mostly practicing male portraits with TV drawing but still failing (in my eyes) dismally.



Y2D69 and greenery

Yesterday was the first time I saw rose-ringed parakeets around my home. I’ve seen them in various parts of south west London, but apparently the rising tree prices have forced them to the somewhat cheaper south east. They are very pretty but do make an awful racket and mess. I hope they don’t force out the local tits, sparrows and finch populations though.


buildings don't move

Buildings don't move, people do. Urban art from Stephen Dale

Sarah Masters

Drawings + Words


Creating things


I ain't got a dime

Jennifer Edwards

Learning to See through the Lens of Creativity

brushes and papers

my learning journey


Illustration by Olivia Palmer

London Is Ace

A collection of drawings capturing a little bit of London. Just because it's ace.

Ink & Paint

Drawings and illustrations

Alison Sye

Hand-stitched collage from conked-out stuff.


mixed media from teenytinytablestudio

Art for Tiny Houses

"I wish to do nothing for profit. I wish to live for art. I want nothing whatever. I am quite happy." —William Blake

Anna Williamson

the sketchbook of Anna Williamson

Message in a bottle...

Drawings by Sally Parnis, Artist

Michelle Templeton Art

Certain Afternoons

Evelyn Yee

Artist, Watercolour and mixed media

Stafford ArtWorks

Tips and Techniques About Drawing/Painting