Day 237 and catching up

by Sketchy on the Detail

I’ve a week off work so have ventured down to St Ives in Cornwall for some more artistic short courses at the St Ives School of Painting. It’s a pleasant, picturesque but rather long journey and I had plenty of time to sketch fellow passengers and the passing scenery. In fact I nearly caught up on my “backlog” of pages (ie four per day). After arriving in St Ives in the early afternoon and checking into my hotel, I wandered into town for a late lunch/early dinner (or lunner, as I like to call it) at one of my favourite foodie spots when I am down here. I accomplished several more pages whilst waiting for my food, mostly of the children paddling in the harbour beach.

After a refresh back at the hotel, I stuck my head in at the Lucie Bray/Sarah Purvey private view at the New Craftsman Gallery. Interesting work, but like all parties, too many people in too small a place for my liking. I like a bit of space so I can enjoy the art. On the way back to the hotel, third time up that dreaded hill (I am going to be well fit by the end of this stay) I stopped off at the little park above the train station to do a little more sketching and enjoy the twilight. All in all, a good day.

So here is a drawing from each part of my day…you know…as proof.