Day 202 and aesthetic homes

by Sketchy on the Detail

Today I utilised the good weather and made for Kensington and a couple of artist homes that are now run as museum’s by the local council. The first was Leighton House Museum, and as the name suggestions, the home of Frederick, Lord Leighton who built it as his home and studio in the 1860s. The Arab Hall extension is exquisite, though all the rooms are just divine and I would die for the studio room, so large and light. Utter home-envy!

After Leighton, I spend half an hour sketching in Holland Park, just watching the locals go by with their dogs. Apparently bulldogs are favoured there by at least half the walkers. Then it was a hop, skip and a jump to 18 Stafford Terrace, home of Edward Linley Sambourne. This terrace house is essentially as they had decorated it, and has a wealth of Morris and worked leather wallpapers, plus gorgeous stain glass windows. We were shown around the house by a guide dressed as Mrs Sambourne, though with our group of 14 we were quite crowded in the very Victorian rooms.

Today’s pic is from the former, as I could not take any photos, I spend two hours sketching all the rooms. As usually, I always go for the glimpse and this is one of the Silk Room through a doorway.