Day 183 and mid-way

by Sketchy on the Detail

Well, lovely readers, I have made it to the half way point on my year-long  journey. It hasn’t been an easy task to keep motivated but thanks to you all, looking over my shoulder and expecting the next post, I have managed to accomplish six months of daily drawing. With you help, I’m certain that I can make it to the end of 365 days, continuing with today’s expedition to Hampstead Heath and Keat’s House.

I was with a friend, so not much on the spot drawing (I can’t draw and talk, one of those tasks distracts me from the other) but she kindly became my model for a few photos.  Earlier on our tour in one of the rooms I noticed that the light from the front window created interesting effects as she sat on the empire day-bed, looking out to the garden. I couldn’t ask her to stay in that position there and sketch (a bit rude to the tour guide) so I took a few photos and this is a quick play in pens. It’s by no means anything concrete, all the wrong angle and pose, but I think I can manage to make the photos work into a painting.


Thank you model!