Day 151 and cupcakes

by Sketchy on the Detail

No much art today, I’ve been baking which only happens when the inclination takes me and that does not happen often. I am, of course, the world’s laziest baker: lazy in the measuring sense, as I also bake the old-fashion way…you know, using elbow grease instead of a machine, so not lazy that way. Methinks that is just because I am too, well,  lazy to clean up the machines, but I digress. So it’s a constant source of surprise when things I’ve made turn out to be edible, such as today’s banana cupcakes with chocolate icing. My esteemed sibling was graciously the official tester and he is still with us. Good start.

I decided on banana as we had several on the point of going bad, so it was always going to be that flavour, and the chocolate icing with dessicated coconut is because that is what my family have always put on banana cakes. If memory serves correctly, it was one of the first cakes I learnt to make. These are cupcake size though, rather than full-blown cake, as I am taking them all into work and it’s easier to divvy them up if they are baby cakes.

But I need to draw something, so here are the cupcakes that had no icing (for my colleague who gave up chocolate for lent) in my pretty Jubilee tin. They just have a dusting of icing sugar.