Day 122 and new discoveries

by Sketchy on the Detail

I love it when a gallery or museum appears on my radar. I adore it when said newly encountered gallery is free and has a late night so I can go after work.

Two Temple Place ( recently came to my attention, and after checking out their website, I thought they were worth visiting. I went this evening to see the “Amongst Heroes” exhibition in their gorgeous building. It’s like being let into a stately home after dark…all in the centre of London…and I am not sure which I enjoyed more, the building or the exhibition.

The exhibition is subtitled “The Artist in Working Cornwall”, and had a good selection of paintings and objects. They covered fishing (of course), mining (of course), farming and crafting. I will, naturally, delight in any exhibition that has a boat in the middle of it, even if it takes me three attempts to get this far when sketching it.