Day 100 and centenary

by Sketchy on the Detail

Thank you to all my followers who have made it to Day 100 in my drawing journey.

As it was a stinking hot day in Sydney (high of 43C), I escaped most of it by drawing in the Art Gallery of NSW (, which has a lovely public collection. I didn’t go to the Bacon exhibition, but did wander around the Dobell Prize for Drawing 2012 that had some amazing pieces, such as Kevin Malloy’s “Study IX: Typewriter”, Tim Allen’s “Folded and Faulted Sediment”, Rita Lazauskas’ “View from the Ramparts #5” and Godwin Bradbeer’s “Imago – Point Blank”.

I filled eight pages of my sketchbook with recollections of my favourite (Australian) pieces. This is a detail from the beautiful painting, “A Summer Morning” by Rupert Bunny.