Day 41 and Fernweh

by Sketchy on the Detail

I learnt a new word today that sums up what I feel most of the time…Fernweh, a German word meaning the longing to travel…wanderlust, if you like…and I always want to travel.

It’s the title one of artwork by Tacita Dean that was in the “Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present”, where she images a landscape using found photographs and inscribed with quotes by Goethe. I really enjoyed this exhibition at the National Gallery. The space is quite dark and intimate, the walls are a dark chocolate-brown and the lighting low, with spot lights for the artwork, paintings and photography old and new. It was not particularly crowded so I found space to sketch the vistas that appeared as you moved from room to room.

This is looking towards my favourite room and a beautiful photograph by Richard Billingham called “Storm at Sea”.

“Fernweh” was also in this room but around the corner. It filled one wall.

After this short visit to the NG, I wandered down to the Courtauld to the see the Peter Lely exhibition. Then, when I finished there, I wandered down to Cannon Street Station via a spot of photography at the Lord Mayor’s Parade, so much travelling today for me, if only on foot.