Day 29 and fragmentation

by Sketchy on the Detail

Back from my third of the Tate Modern’s Gallery as Studio drawing workshops. I’m starting to enjoy them more now, I don’t know if it is because it is becoming more familiar to me, or if the course is starting to settle into a routine. Today’s was the best so far. Lots of drawing exercises, with not so much discussion. I’m not a big fan of discussion, unless its one-to-one, as until I know and am comfortable with all members of the group, I don’t like volunteering my opinion. Obviously, once I’m comfortable with your company, you can’t shut me up, but I rarely feel that comfortable in a group exercise.

I digress. I primarily liked today’s workshop as we were busy with back-to-back exercises and I didn’t have time to think (or rather over-think) what I was doing. It’s the only way for me.

We were concerned with taking parts and creating a new whole out of said parts: be it drawing only a quarter of a continuous line drawing; or creating a story board of images using one segment of a modern surrealist film as a starting point; to even creating a new story with other people’s imagery. Everything was a fragment of something else. Plus I got to use charcoal, which I love. It was pretty good.

I’m disappointed I’ll miss the next one but I’ve booked myself in for the last two.