Day 28 and inspiration

by Sketchy on the Detail

A slightly more arty day than the preceding ones. I managed to get out the house early enough to visit the National Gallery ( for a mosey before I meet some friends to see the new Bond film, Skyfall.

I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing if you can walk through a gallery and spot the room changes at a glance, but the NG certainly have been doing just that. Some of my favoured painting are probably in storage and some have just been moved around to make way for displaying new loans and the temporary photographic pieces that are an add-on for the ‘Seduced by Art’ exhibition that starts on Wednesday. It’s about photography, old and new, and how it has been inspired by paintings, Old Masters and new. I’ll probably see it later on.

Unfortunately, being a wet day, these rooms in the NG are particularly crowded so I ducked into the free Richard Hamilton exhibit, which are paintings inspired by those in the NG. It was small but intriguing.

Finally I decided to escape into the Sainsbury Wing, hoping that the rooms filled with paintings by those really dead guys would be quieter but to no avail. Eventually I found myself a couple of places where I could sketch visitors in relative peace. I find people rather interesting, I suppose they are my inspiration as there is so much variety…in look, style, temperament, attitude…how can people-watching being anything other than interesting?