Day 22 and language

by Sketchy on the Detail

The drawing workshop at the Tate tonight concerned language and perception, and took place in the Energy and Process gallery. The evening is primarily concerned with conveying the idea rather than replicating artwork; utilising drawing as a tool for conversation with artwork rather than the representation of it.

Does that make sense? Maybe I had better show you…

Top to Bottom left are exercises concerned with developing a visual “language”, bottom right is in response to a video piece by Ewa Partum and top right is my contribution to a group conversation regarding the Cy Twombly room. The last one was okay, though one person in our group seemed to take over and it became more their vision rather than a group consensus.

I enjoyed this one more than last week’s, but that may be as I have a better understanding of what was expected of me. I’m going to next week’s but not sure if I’m going to the last two just yet.