Day 20 and productivity

by Sketchy on the Detail

Today was a fairly productive day, sketching-wise. I agreed to meet a friend at the British Museum ( and we were going onto a gallery from there, so I arrived early to get some drawing in (as you do). I completely forgot that this weekend was the BM’s event weekend for the Big Draw so was pleasantly reminded of this on arrival…but not by the enormous crowds, however.

Inside I was waylaid in Room 1 by a Big Draw assistant. Who can resist being given a A7 book, a 4B pencil and an invitation to draw? Of course, this did mean I didn’t get to where I intended to be, but an hour and a half of drawing in the Library, using Shakespeare quotes as inspiration, is utter bliss.

“I’ll fish for thee” … ‘The Tempest’ 2.2.124

After a coffee at the BM café, my friend and I went to see James Mylne’s amazing biro drawings at the Rook & Raven gallery. Then we meandered across London before going our separate ways and I ended day doing tipsy bus journey sketches…