Day 14 and tourists

by Sketchy on the Detail

Today was sunny but cold, and what better to do on such an autumnal day than go to Greenwich and observe the tourists. They were certainly out in force this afternoon. Too crowded for me, so best to sit in a coffee shop, where I can draw their antics from a safe distance.

Anyway, I was in Greenwich not just for people watching/sketching, but also to meet a friend and help her on a project, so I only managed some sketching in B pencil before and after our meeting. I did this one waiting for the bus ride home. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this took me 15 mins to complete!  What did I say about straight lines? I did mention architecture was not my strong point…and it’s meant to be the clock tower near Greenwich  train station, in case you were having trouble figuring it out.