Day 9 and boats

by Sketchy on the Detail

Today I walked to and from work via Limehouse Basin. I have to go out of my way to do this but apparently the exercise is good for me. At least it was dry today and the walk is pleasant, following the marina walk to the Limehouse Cut canal entrance and then cutting across to walk along the Thames river path the rest of the way. I may have mentioned previously that there are many sketching opportunities on this route, so I availed myself of a couple on the way back from work this afternoon. It was bliss sketching the water, with not a soul to bother me, and I got to try out my travel sized Conté pastels I bought on Saturday.

However, I am rather rubbish at drawing boats. I will put this in context…I am slightly less rubbish at drawing boats than I am at drawing architecture. I cannot draw a straight line. You’d think that this should not be a problem drawing boats, until you realise how many straight lines are on boats. There are a lot. I did kinda know this from my week in St Ives last year, where it took me the whole week of drawing the same boat ’till I was relatively happy with it. Looks like I will be drawing this marina a lot too….

Today’s offering is a couple of boats (slightly better than the architectural view preceding them in my sketchbook). The one on the right is a narrow boat, the left is I think is a windjammer, but I am not sure. Any one recognise it (either as a boat or its type)?