Day 7 and champagne all round

by Sketchy on the Detail

Okay, I lied about the champagne, there is none in the fridge, but I’ve finished my first week of the draw every day challenge and surely that is worthwhile celebrating?

Today, I managed to go up to the Common for a bit of a walk and sketch. It was a little overcast at the time (it was sunny earlier and later) so not many people about but I completed four pages in my sketchbook using the new colour fineliners I bought in the Cass Art sale yesterday.

One thing I have noticed is that I am rubbish at trees now. I used to be brilliant at drawing trees when I was a youngster. With all that time on my hands, sitting in a car, driving across outback Australia at Christmas, there was not much else to draw other than the odd eucalyptus. But I digress. Walking around the common this afternoon I realised that I should go up there more often…its a beautiful, open space and there are so many trees to practice on. Oh, and the crows, there are a lot of crows. Or they could be ravens, I can’t tell the difference. But there are a lot of them to practice on too.

The long and the short of it is that I learnt today that I need to go to the common more often to sketch all that lovely free resource. Here are a couple of pages from today:


I am not sure what tomorrow’s challenge will be. Suggestions, anyone?