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Y2D291 and afternoon tea

I spent the day shopping (again! Will it ever end?) so was quite relieved to pull up in front of my house at the end of it, only to be greeted by the delightful sight of a flock of house sparrows enjoying immensely their afternoon tea all along my footpath and lawn. Naturally I had to draw it.


Y2D290 and research

Today I have been researching storage solutions. I have only the minimum but surprising large rooms so I need 2 display cabinets (to take all my ceramics and glassware), two bookcases and a pantry shelf. All I have been doing this week is buying things for the house and I am tired of it, but I’m also impatient so this means I have been haunting Ikea for answers to my home needs. They’ll be surprised that I haven’t visited today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go again…


Y2D289 and warming to a theme

I promise this is the last sketch like this, but I have my new mattress (super comfy and snuggly warm now) plus a fridge and a freezer. I could almost have friends over…if only they lived in the same state/country I did.


Y2D288 and not quite Christmas

Yay, my things from the UK have finally arrived. Lots of unpacking to do, which is a bit like Christmas…you never quite know what you are going to find in each box. I have somewhere to eat and somewhere to sit, plus some plates and cutlery. Luxury! The house looks like a tip though. Packing and unpacking is messy business. And my bed sort of arrived, there was a problem with the mattress so this is night two on the blow up one, but at least now I have a little heater for my room so it is not quite so chilly.


Y2D287 and followed

I’m being stalked by cold weather. I left England to escape the cold but apparently it has followed me here to Adelaide. My new place is particularly chilly at the moment as it is completely empty, so I am shivering under all my new linen on the “luxury” blow up mattress. My real bed gets delivered tomorrow (Wednesday) along with all my shipped belongings. Then it is the long arduous chore of unpacking and finding a “spot” for everything.


Y2D286 and made it

*phew*, have made it to Adelaide and picked up the keys to my new house. It was a pretty long drive, leaving at 07:00 Victorian time and arriving 15:00 South Australian time. I stopped off at Mt Gambier, then again at Keith and Talem Bend for sketching breaks. This one is v.quick sketch of the bend in the Murray River.


Y2D285 and making an entrance

I’m overnighting at my SB’s house on the big more to Adelaide – my SB/SSiL have a lovely old house with lots of period feature, such as the beautiful stain glass surrounds on the front door, fretwork and plaster mouldings.


Y2D284 and send offs

It’s my last full day in Victoria for a while, so we trundled off to¬†Bistro at Banks for a spot of dinner and wine. Lots of laughs and a full belly later we trundled home again.


Y2D283 and digi-peppi

More trials and errors on the sketch app, this time with the perennially snoozing Peppi as the model.


Y2D282 and sunnier climes

Need to record what winter sun looks like, in case this is the last of it for the year. Hopefully we have a few more days left…


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