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Y2D197 and looking back

This is my last full day on The Canadian. It has been especially picturesque as we went through the Rocky Mountains, and very exciting when we saw both a coyote and a bear (but not at the same time). It is a day that is also tinged with sadness as I said goodbye to new friends in Edmonton and then in Jasper. So now, it is time time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the rear window of the bullet carriage as we coast our way into Vancouver.


So this will now bring me up-to-date. I’m currently in my very posh Sheraton hotel room, but have plans to visit the Art Gallery this afternoon as it is just down the street.

Y2D196 and farm fresh

We crossed the border into Manitoba and then Saskatchewan. Both are relatively flat and full of farms growing various grain crops, but always with a few trees on the side. It was a much better day weather-wise, being rather sunny, though I was not getting out at Winnipeg – -7C is by far too cold for me. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we stop at Edmonton then Jasper.


I don’t often do a spread in my sketchbook, but the land is so immense, you need all the space you can get.

Y2D195 and lonely hearts

The weather was not the best today (Sunday), but when you’re on a train it does not matter. It is still rather surprising how much snow is still around, and we have seen several lakes and rivers still froze over. This was a picturesque little white church, sitting all alone  by a frozen lake with the town a long skate away.

Y2D194 and running about

I only had today in Toronto for sightseeing, and whilst I left the hotel early-ish, it didn’t seem like nearly enough time. I clambered aboard the “hop on, hop off” bus for a tour of the city, with gorgeous Thomas providing the commentary, and planned on visiting just two galleries. First stop was the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), where I saw the temporary exhibition (Henry Moore and Francis Bacon), sketched in the permanent Henry Moore plaster cast gallery, then lusted after the paintings in the 19th/20th Century Canadian art rooms. I liked this section immensely; there are so many beautiful, expressive paintings here. However, I only gave myself two hours in the AGO, which was not nearly long enough, as I wanted to allow time for the second gallery. As it turned out, the second one (Museum of Inuit Art or MIA) is rather compact, so I could have allowed another hour. Who knew? Still, now I have something else to go back for. This is a quick sketch of a couple of sculptural pieces from MIA.

After the gallery, I walked around the harbour front and then back to the hotel to read my book and drink whisky in the Library Bar. The Canadian train, left Toronto at 22:00, so after a little welcome cocktail party, I am now tucked up in my bed typing this out for when I next get access to the internet.

Y2D193 and epic

Hey, I’m back in the blogosphere so here is me catching up on the past five days’ worth of posts….

Today (Friday) I flew from Tennessee to Toronto on two small regional flights. It was fun though we were delayed on the first one as there was too much traffic at Charlotte airport. Luckily my flight out of Charlotte was from the same terminal and so there was no running about like headless chooks. On arrival at Toronto there was more waiting to be picked up by my town car and be delivered to the very swanky Fairmont Royal York hotel. I was feeling more a little fragile by the time I arrived at the hotel but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a warm bath and delicious dinner in their bar/restaurant, named Epic. This is the view from my table across the bar to the foyer and the large grandfatherly clock that is in the centre.


Y2D192 and scampering

We went out for cocktails and dinner, so by the time we walked home the cats were most insistent on second dinner. That also means there is much scampering after second dinner as the sudden calorie intake goes to their head. That wears off pretty quick when they realise there are three laps to be had.


Y2D191 and gotcha

So, I have been seeing this view for the past two weeks and I have finally attempted to capture it in pen. There is a lot of artistic licence going on here.


Y2D190 and post-captain

Tuesday was all about the build up to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the cinema. I think we did remarkably well in delaying our gratification and it was worth the wait. Of course I didn’t make the best use of time by sketching while I waited to go to the movies, so we’ve a hurried drawing of Juno settling down on my lap as we watched Agents of Shield once we arrived home after the film.


Anyway, only two more potential cat sketching days left on this trip and then I’m going up to the cold for some train fun.

Y2D189 and quotation cats

Cap’n Jack and Juno were creating secret messages using punctuation while asleep today. So far they have written ” () !) “. We may need an enigma machine to help with deciphering the code…


Y2D188 and news flash

My friend, her father and I drove into town to watch the steam train excursion (operated by Norfolk Southern Corp, Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum and Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum) as it passed on its way from Bristol to Bull’s Gap. While we were there I noticed the local reporter arrive for (what I assume is) a human interest story and then leave when the train did, but didn’t think much of it – too busy taking photos. However, the reporter came back when we were one of the last people to leave the car park. He asked me if I minded answering a few questions but I quickly directed him to my friend and her dad, being locals they would be better equipped to answer questions. Plus I could then sketch the interview and I have not drawn people from life for ages….


Long story short, my friend’s dad made it onto the evening news. You can read the story here.

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